“Today’s resolution calls for a full, thorough and independent investigation into the horrific downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight 17. When 298 civilians are killed, we agree that we must stop at nothing to determine who is responsible and bring them to justice.”
Ambassador Power on UNSC vote on resolution concerning downing of Malaysian Airlines Flight MH17.  (via statedept)
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“Act my age?
What the fuck is that, “act my age”?
What do I care how old I am?
The Ocean is old as fuck.
It will still drown your ass with vigor.”
the greatest thing i have ever read  (via get-fit2fuck)

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Surprisingly, perfectionists are often procrastinators, as they can tend to think “I don’t have the right skills or resources to do this perfectly now, so I won’t do it at all.”

this is an important thing to remember.

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